On 17 Feb 2012, at 12:12, Negin Nickparsa wrote:
> if (($out = system(' "C:/Program Files/GAMS23.7/gams.exe "C:/Program
> Files/GAMS23.7/trnsport_php.gms')) !== FALSE)
> {
> print('Not error!');
> printf('Output is "%s"', $out);
> }
> else
> {
> print('Error');
> }
> Fatih it shows again nothing why I should set the full path even when I run
> my file on the path I don't think so that it is needed I don't know how to
> work with these quotations was it right Duken?

* Use back ticks to get the full output.
* Use escapeshellcmd and escapeshellarg to ensure the command is built in a 
safe and valid way.
* Redirect stderr to stdout using 2>&1 so you see any error messages that are 
being generated.

$cmd = escapeshellcmd('C:/Program Files/GAMS23.7/gams.exe').' 
Files/GAMS23.7/trnsport_php.gms').' 2>&1';
$out = `$cmd`;

Try that, then you can build logic that checks the output for errors. You may 
also want to make sure that safe_mode is disabled, though I doubt that's the 


Stuart Dallas
3ft9 Ltd

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