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> 12:36:06 PM:
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>>> Is it possible to do an LDAP Password Modify Extended Operation, as 
>>> specified in RFC 3062? The password hashing scheme in the LDAP 
>>> directory I 
>>> am working with may change periodically, so it is my understanding 
>>> that I 
>>> can't hash a new password according to a specific scheme, e.g., {SHA}, 
>>> on 
>>> my side. Instead, I should use an Extended Operation and let the 
>>> directory 
>>> do the hashing. Is that correct? The help page for ldap_set_option 
>>> suggests that it might be possible, but I sure can't find any example 
>>> code 
>>> anywhere. 
>>> TIA
>>> Kirk
>> I have an example of this on my lab box at home. I noticed issues 
>> depending on if the requesting application was Linux or windows due 
>> to the different Linux LDAP libraries. 
>> When I get home I'll forward you the example of what I have so far
> Woohoo! Extended Operation doesn't seem to be a practice that is in 
> wide-spread use. Looking forward to what you've come up with. Thanks.


What i've been trying to do, is revive the patch i found here:


It provides a lot of the functionality that you can only imagine and more, but 
it fails against versions 5.3.x.

I sent an email to the original maintainer, Pierangelo, but have not received a 
response yet on that status of maintenance.

Do you use OpenLDAP? I am not sure if it built, if it would support AD or not.

Mike Mackintosh
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