I'm new to PHP and need some help with compiling packages . I'm trying to 
install the php-sqlite3 class file (php-sqlite3.php) using a source files from 
PECL. The instructions say
1. unzip & untar the package
2. run "phpize"
3. run "./configure --with-sqlite3=c:\sqlite3
4. make && make install
5. (optionally) copy DB/sqlite3.php to /path/to/php/lib/php/DB/sqlite3.php

The PHP development environment is installed on Windows Vista.
The sqlite3 sources reside under
And I'm running the phpize, configure commands directly under sqlite3-.0.5.
I'm getting the following error during step 3...  "configure -with...."
        Error: Must be run from the root of the extension source.
I'm pretty sure that I'm getting this error because the sqlite3 package that I 
downloaded is missing the config.w32 file and I'm not sure why this file is 
missing from the package.

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