My PHP chops are a little rough around the edges so I know that I am missing 
something. I am working with SimpleXML to retrieve values from an XML file like 
this - 

$xmlCompany = $xml->SignonRq->SignonTransport->CustId->SPName;

If I echo $xmlCompany I get the proper information.

If I use $xmlCompany as an array value though, I get this object - 

$arrayLead[0]->Company = $xmlCompany; // what I did
[Company] => SimpleXMLElement Object // what I got
                    [0] => Dadgummit
I tried casting AND THEN AS I TYPED THIS I figured it out...

$xmlCompany = array((string) $xml->SignonRq->SignonTransport->CustId->SPName); 
// becomes an array
$arrayLead[0]->Company = $xmlCompany[0]; // gets the right bit of the array

and the result is

 [Company] => Dadgummit
Thanks for bearing with me!

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