Hello all.

I perform a SQL query like the following:

$sql = 'select * from my_table where id="10"

It returns the the following array for 3 records:

Array ( [0] => Array ( [cb] => 2 ) [1] => Array ( [cb] => 6 ) [2] => Array ( [cb] => 1 ) )

The values of CB in the above array are the values of html checkboxes on a page.

input type="checkbox" name="cb[ ]" value="1"...
input type="checkbox" name="cb[ ]" value="2"...
input type="checkbox" name="cb[ ]" value="3"...
input type="checkbox" name="cb[ ]" value="4"... etc

If the above array's cb value matches the value of a checkbox on the page, I need the default state of the checkbox to be checked.... so I know I'm going to have some ternary logic in each html checkbox. But I don't know how to create a custom function from the above array to provide that logic. I've tried some tutorials, but with no success as the array I am receiving is not like those in the tutorials.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you.


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