My guess is that you have the short_open_tags option on in your PHP3 
config, but off in your PHP4 config. If it's off, PHP will only 
recognize the <?php...?> tags, not <?...?>. PHP config params can be 
set in php.ini, .htaccess, and/or Apache httpd.conf files. Scroll 
down to short_open_tag in

for more info. You can also check your config via the phpinfo() function.

        - steve

At 1:45 AM -0400 7/20/01, Jack Sasportas wrote:
>I have some code that runs under php3, but under 4 I get a parse error
>on this specific line, can't figure out how to resolve it.
>the code looks like this
><html stuff>
><? } ?>
><more html stuff>
>the error is in the middle line  which is the end of a condition...
>Thanks in advance...
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