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> My question is, is there a way to enable some PHP configuration that would
> output more verbose information, such as a backtrace or the URL attempted?
> In our PHP error log, we have the usual semi-useful information. However
> this is only a partial story as it's hard to re-create the URL that caused
> the error. In the first Actor example, yeah actor_id 2206 doesn't exist and
> so now I have put a try/catch on all pages that have "new Actor($actor_id)"
> but it doesn't tell me WHY this is happening. How did someone get to this
> point? I doubt they just randomly picked '2206' which happens to be one of
> only a handful of actually missing actors out of 100k. Sure I guess it
> could
> be a bot that sequentially tried them all, but this is not likely since we
> have SEO style URLs and so we re-map an actor name back to the ID. So the
> bot would have to try NAMEs not IDs. This means we must have some link
> somewhere that points to this. Same with the common foreach() warnings
> below. Yeah, the array being passed is empty/null. Sure I can check the
> array before doing the foreach() or even @foreach() but that doesn't tell
> me
> the root cause. What video are they trying to access that has no scenes or
> invalid actors?
> We do NOT have apache logging turned on as we get 30,000 hits per second
> and
> it would be too expensive. I only care about PHP errors like this. And the
> apache error log (which we do have enabled) doesn't have useful info
> related
> to these kinds of issues as they're really not apache's problem. That log
> only deals with missing files/images/pages/etc.
> [28-Feb-2012 13:43:19 UTC] PHP Fatal error:  Uncaught exception
> 'ObjectNotFound' with message 'There is no such object Actor [2206].' in
> /home/SHARED/classes/base.class.php:103
> Stack trace:
> #0 /home/SHARED/classes/actor.class.php(61): Base->load_from_sql()
> #1 /home/m.videosz.com/browse_scenes.php(89): Actor->__construct(2206)
> #2 {main}
>   thrown in /home/SHARED/classes/base.class.php on line 103
> [28-Feb-2012 10:54:01 UTC] PHP Warning:  Invalid argument supplied for
> foreach() in /home/m.dev.com/scene.php on line 138
> [28-Feb-2012 07:22:50 UTC] PHP Warning:  Invalid argument supplied for
> foreach() in /home/SHARED/classes/scene.class.php on line 423
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I tend to set up a custom error handler that throws exceptions
(set_error_handler()), then set up an exception handler
(set_exception_handler()) that logs the backtrace (or saves it to a db)
available using debug_backtrace().


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