On 1 Mar 2012, at 03:06, Nibin V M wrote:

> But what my requirement here is, I need to display the website configured
> on our server. No matter where the domain actually points to :)
> Perhaps it can call a proxy....here is the actual intention of creating
> this script.
> Suppose X created a new website on serverA, but the domain actually
> pointing to ServerB. So to test his new website on ServerA, he either has
> to edit "hosts" file or use serverA/~user. I don't want him not to use
> either method. I would like to provide him a PHP feature on my control
> panel says "site preview" through which he can view his website on serverA.
> Its just like a website preview option in plesk control panel :)

I think you're looking at this problem from completely the wrong angle. Why 
does the preview need to sit under their domain name? If that's really what you 
want then you have no option but to do something very very clunky with their 
hosts file, or take over their DNS lookup which is just pure evil and will have 
huge side effects and security implications.

Why can't you simply set the virtual host for their site so it responds to two 
domain names. Firstly their actual domain name, and secondly something like 
theirdomain.com.preview.techsware.in (this would be *.preview.techsware.in in 
your zone file). That way they just need to visit 
http://theirdomain.com.preview.techsware.in/ and they'll see their website.



Stuart Dallas
3ft9 Ltd

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