On 20 Jul 01, at 0:03, Doug wrote:

> Ok maybe I'm just retarded and can't find it but I'm looking for a way to
> do a redirect in a php page to another page, similar to asp's
> "response.redirect" function. Is there one in php??? 

No doubt there's plenty of options... here's what I'm using:

I have the following function in one of my standard function libraries:

function redirect($url, $timeout)
        echo "<meta http-equiv=\"Refresh\" content=\"$timeout; url=$url\">";

$url being where you want to redirect to and $timeout being the delay 
before the redirection takes place (set it to 0 for immediate redirect).

Then when I want to do a redirection on a page I just use this:

redirect("http://www.some.place.else/";, "5");

I've found this particularly useful in situations where you want to let people 
know you're doing a redirection somewhere or want to display some sort 
of message before the redirection takes place.

No doubt there's other solutions, there usually is.

CYA, Dave

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