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>I am presuming that one of my customers hosts has upgraded to PHP5.3.10
>over the
>weekend, and now the site is broken! It is currently codeignighter
>something which I am in the process of replacing anyway, but I need to
>http://eveshamselfdrive.co.uk/ working again as it was last week. At
>this stage
>I am only assuming that the '<?=' is the problem, but it certainly
>looks like
>that and I'm not sure you can change short_open_tag with set_ini ? It
>has not worked adding that ... Help
>( I'm in the process of moving these sites to one of my own machines,
>but that
>is a few weeks away )
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You can't set it from ini_set(), see http://nl3.php.net/manual/en/ini.list.php 
and the link in there to the mode values as to what you can/not change and why.

You can set it in php.ini itself, or possibly from .htaccess. failing that, 
find/replace on the old short echo tags would do it.


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