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    This starts getting a bit off-topic from your original email, but
knowing that you're trying to use it for teaching your classes at the
college, it may be of some value to you.

All of this aside, though, you may instead want to use something along the 
lines of date('d',strtotime('last day of this month')); in tandem with your 
date formatting.

That's a good idea, but

date('d',strtotime('last day of this month'));

gives me the number of days in *this* month, but not the next, or previous, 

I need the result to be whatever date was selected -- something like:

$number_days = date('d',strtotime('last day of April, 2014'));

But that doesn't work.

    Sure it does, though you may have some issues when using
punctuation, unnecessary words, or using capital letters for anything
other than proper names.  What version of PHP are you using?  I get
the correct answers for all of the following phrases:

        "last day of April 2014"
        "last day of this month"
        "last day of next month"
        "last day of last month"
        "third Saturday March 2012"

    Or you can even be excruciatingly redundant:

        echo date('d',strtotime('last day of this
month',strtotime('next month')));
        echo date('d',strtotime('last day of this
month',strtotime('February 2018')));
        echo date('d',strtotime('second Monday',strtotime('September 2012')));

I must admit I'm still at a loss why people would want a function to tell them the amount of days in a month. That amount is pretty much fixed (except for february, but that's also mathematically easy to fix). So a simple function like:
function getAmountOfDaysInAMonth($month, $year) {
$days = array(31, (($year%4==0 and ($year%100 > 0 or $year%400==0)) ? 29 : 28), 31, 30, 31, 30, 31, 31, 30, 31, 30, 31);
   return $days[$month+1];

Would work just fine. Unless of course you want to count the amount of days during the changing of calendars (ie during the change of the julian calendar to the gregorian), or in different calendars altogether.

Why (ab)use the datetime library for such a very simple thing? In the last case, I would indeed use DateTime, simply because it's not an easy answer.
- Tul

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