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>>>>>> How PHP sets variables in $_SERVER, say, $DOCUMENT_ROOT? What should I
>>>>>> know
>>>>>> if I want to modify $_SERVER myself?
>>>>> Once your script starts the superglobals are no different to any other
>>>>> variables, except that they're in scope at all times.
>>>> That's probably the reason why they are named "SuperGlobals". :-)
>>>> But to be more descriptive, these are simply globals that are predefined
>>>> by php -- see:
>>>> http://php.net/manual/en/language.variables.superglobals.php
>>>> I believe, (please show me otherwise) there are no "globals" in PHP other
>>>> than SuperGlobals.
>>> Assuming you mean pre-defined ones, there shouldn't be, since no other
>>> ones are documented. If there are, then either they should be
>>> documented, or they should be ignored as it can be dangerous to use
>>> undocumented features. :)
>> Just to be clear - you asked if it were true that "there are no "globals" in
>> PHP other than SuperGlobals:  Don't forget that anything that you declare as
>> global in a script is a global for that instance of that script (and
>> whatever includes, etc. that it calls during its run)
> That's correct, but to access those variables outside of their scope (such as 
> a function) you do via a SuperGlobal, namely $GLOBAL['whatever'].
> As such, there are no "globals" in PHP other than SuperGlobals. As I said, if 
> I'm wrong, please show me otherwise.

I guess I don't know what you mean by "globals". I know what globals
are, but not "globals".

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