Hi Everyone

I am newbie enough with the terminology around PHP arrays that I am slow to 
wrap my head around what I know is in the docs (what i am reading)... but just 
can't identify yet.

I think it will be faster if someone can translate for me in terms of my 

I make an array by building up its members form the results of a db call, like 

foreach ($query->result() as $row) {
        $arr_cTree[$row->cID] = array($row->cPcID, $row->cL, $row->cName, 
$row->cSeg, $row->cSort);

I have that array's members' values displaying on an HTML page fine by making 
recursive function calls to grab the children of each parent member found..  
but the order those array members are displayed on the page is not what I want 
(it seems to be displaying according to the order the rows are found in the 
db).  To remedy, I want to sort on the last value in the array which is the 
value of each array member.  (If I said that right.)   IOW,  I want to sort my 
$arr_cTree array by the decimal values stored in $row->cSort ($arr_cTree[[4]), 
before I then display on the page.

Can someone point me to the array sorting function you think is suited to this 
job.. and perhaps give me an example in pseudo code if that helps make it more 
clear in this case.

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