On Mar 12, 2012, at 7:12 PM, Tim Streater wrote:
> <?php
> function yes ($a)
>     {
>     global $x;
>     if  ($a)  $x = "yes\n";
>     }
> first (true);
> echo $x;
> ?>
> but I haven't looked into $GLOBALS enough to know whether using them instead 
> would have saved my bacon.

I'm not sure what would have saved bacon in the above case. I don't see how 
your example would work. I think it contained a typo.

In what I think you were trying to demonstrate, I would just pass $x by 
reference (&$x) -- or -- return $x by value. I would not have used a global,

In any event, I seldom use globals anyway. This was more an academic discussion.



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