I don't not think there is a way without patching snmp.c prior to PHP 

You can always do: 

$segment = explode(":", $macaddress);
foreach($segment as $seg){
        $hex[] = str_pad($seg, 2, 0, STR_PAD_LEFT);

$macaddress = implode(":", $hex);

or use a preg replace function and match

Mike Mackintosh
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On Mar 15, 2012, at 4:12 PM, David OBrien wrote:

> Using command line snmpget you can set an option to append leading 0's to
> hex values -o0
> So instead of
> $macaddress = "0:1a:4b:c:8d:fb";
> it would be
> $macaddress = "00:1a:4b:0c:8d:fb";
> is there any option using the extremely well documented php snmp extension
> to do the same?

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