On 2012-03-18, at 9:33 AM, Ross Hansen <hansen.r...@live.com.au> wrote:

> Hey all,
> I have been working with php for a few years but mostly simple stuff. I'm now 
> looking at doing some graphing but have no experience with dynamic images. 
> I have never used imagecreate but have seen one example of it and not sure if 
> it is really what i'm after.
> It needs to graph changing data from a mysql db.
> I also understand php might not be the best option due to the server load.
> Just want to get peoples thoughts and suggestions.
> Was so looking at jquery.
> Looking forward your responses.
> Regards
> Ross

If you are looking at a js type dataviz, check out kendo-ui ( built on jquery )

If you want php based then there are tons of options (YMMV)

- phpplot
- jgraph
- etc ( a quick google will give you more)

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