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I thought that fgetcsv returned an array. I can work with it like an
array but I get the following warning when using it

|Warning:  implode(): Invalid arguments passed on line 155

154     $csvCurrentLine = fgetcsv($csvFile, 4096, ',');
155     $currentLine = implode(",", $csvCurrentLine);

Everything that I have read online indicates that it is because
$csvCurrentLine is not declared as an array. Adding a line to the code

153 |$csvCurrentLine = array();

Does not get rid of the warning. The warning isn't interfering with the
script working, but it us annoying. Does anyone know the solution?



Just want to clarify something not directly related to the OP's question:


153 |$csvCurrentLine = array();

Does not set a *type* for $csvCurrentLine, so if you're next line is this:

154     $csvCurrentLine = fgetcsv($csvFile, 4096, ',');

Any previous assignments are lost; the notion that presetting $csvCurrentLine to an array has no bearing when you then immediately set the same variable to something else.

The "type" $csvCurrentLine has after line 154 is entirely dependent on what fgetcsv() is returning, and nothing that happened prior to line 154.

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