>> my goal is to do something phonebook like
> Your reply of 9 words adds no extra information. Rather than have us all
> guess what you want, try and tell us specifically what it is that you
> want.

Hi Tom
I *think* what want to be asking is, "what HTML do I change/add such that my 
data coming from the database will format on the page in the browser like a 
phone book (in columns)?"

If so, then:

This is a PHP list where people mostly discuss PHP-specific things.. whereas it 
seem what you need is to learn some basic HTML which will allow you to format 
content on a page so it looks like a "phone book".  

I would say:

Forget your database data for a day.  Start with seeing if you can just write 
some static HTML that looks like what you want (formatted like a phone book), 
and THEN alter your real PHP code so that it spits out the HTML that mimics 
what you mocked up.  If you get stuck with the HTML part of this task, then 
consult a good HTML list.  If you get stuck with something specific to PHP, 
then ask again about that, here.

Good luck,

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