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> I have a project where I have multiple queries and each query uses the 
> results from the previous query to get it's results. I need to do one of two 
> things, either out put a multidimensional array that I can use json_encode() 
> on or I have to format the output from the queries as a JSON string. The 
> resulting JSON will be used by a JavaScript widget and must be formed 
> correctly. I created the following array by hand:
> $userList = array("John" => array(
>                     "email" => "j...@demo.com",
>                     "website" => "www.john.com",
>                     "age" => "22",
>                     "password" => "pass",
>                     "description" => array(
>                        "hair" => "blonde",
>                        "eyes" => "blue",
>                        "build" => "medium"
>                     )),
>                  "Anna" => array(
>                     "email" => "a...@demo.com",
>                     "website" => "www.anna.com",
>                     "age" => "24",
>                     "password" => "pass",
>                     "description" => array(
>                        "hair" => "brunette",
>                        "eyes" => "hazel",
>                        "build" => "petite"
>                        )
>                     ));
> I ran it through json_encode() and got the following output
> {"John":{"email":"j...@demo.com","website":"www.john.com","age":"22","password":"pass","description":{"hair":"blonde","eyes":"blue","build":"medium"}},"Anna":{"email":"a...@demo.com","website":"www.anna.com","age":"24","password":"pass","description":{"hair":"brunette","eyes":"hazel","build":"petite"}}}
> jslint.com verifies this as good JSON (although I thought there had to be 
> square brackets around child arrays).

Speaking to your belief that arrays had to have square brackets,
json_encode examines the PHP array and only encodes sequential numbers
JSON arrays. Others (as in your case) are encoded as object literals:

That said, you can still access Javascript Object properties with
array access if you prefer in the client code:

> If you were me would you just generate the JSON? If not what is he best way 
> to output an array that will nest properly for each subsequent query?

Because of the options json_encode provides and the flexibility it
affords while in PHP, I would generate PHP and then always use
json_encode to generate the JSON as needed.


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