Requesting that will at least require a major-release (f.e. PHP 6.0) ... but I 
would rather request to add a notice or warning to the documentation of 
references to remind stuff like that.
I think this is stuff more people will stumble over ...


I agree it would be wrong to change php's handling of call by reference in 
foreach loops because there may be a need to access that reference after 
completing the loop. I was going to suggest there should be a warning in the 
manual to unset the reference after the foreach loop is completed, but I see 
the current online manual has that warning prominently displayed on the foreach 
page. I had a version of the manual from July last year that didn't have the 
warning, so I'll update my local manual and make sure I keep it up to date. 
Lesson learned (both manual and foreach references).


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