Dear all,

I am rather green to PHP and web programming in general, and would just
like some pointers how to accomplish the following.

I have a webpage on a remote host, which supports PHP but does not have a
DB installed. Here, I have a form where the user can input personal
credentials, which are then processed and sent as an email message to me
from the server. This part work so far.

I want to do the following: the user should be able to upload his/her CV.
To do so, I need the following:
1) A way for the user to open a conventional file system view to select the
file to upload
2) A way to take this file, add it as an attachment to the mail created in
the form, and finally send the mail + attachment to my mail.

Is this possible to do without intermediary storage in a DB? I.e. is it
possible just to pass the attachment directly from working memory to the
function for sending email? Or does it have to go intermediare storage?

Thanks in advance for any help!


Christopher Svanefalk

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