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> Hello,
> in the packet description of the php5-sockets in the SuSE Linux
> Enterprise Server 11 (SLES11) is
> the package php5-sockets in the additional SDK available, but marked
> as "experimental" (see below).
> Is this the true, where can I find this Information, or is this only a
> historical relic?
> Are there differences in this extension between PHP 5.2.x, 5.3.x and 5.4?
> Can I rely on this the extension for a productive environment?

    Everything you need to know is here:


> Description:
> A low-level interface to the socket communication functionsbased on the 
> popular
> BSD sockets, providing the possibilityto act as a socket server as well as a
> client.This extension is experimental!

    Sounds like the package maintainer is a minimum of six years
behind the times, or they've done some forking to it.  We don't
support any third-party packages, so that would be something you'd
need to discuss with them, but - in all likelihood - someone just
hasn't removed the "experimental" tag yet.

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