Because php5.4 compression not normal work. So I have to enable IIS7.5 system 
compression.  ok. now please check the site. 
just now I have  close IIS compression. PHP5.4 sure can't work with 
windows php enable by default.
Now I have study try building php5.4 x64 by myself. but I can't building php 
ext. only building success php 5.4.1 main code.Who will tell me how building 
full php5.4.x ? 
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From:  "Simon Schick"<>;
Date:  Wed, Mar 21, 2012 03:21 PM
To:  "小鱼虾"<>; 
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Subject:  Re: [PHP] Bug zlib.output_compression not normal work in IIS7.5

2012/3/19 小鱼虾 <>
> How I do fix it ?


I got a rough overview of the conversation in the bug-tracker ...

You were always talking about a tool you used to test the
gzip-compression ... but why not test it natively?
Using Firefox (with the extension Firebug) or Safari / Chrome for
example you can easily view the respond-header from the server and get
more info out of that.
Just press F12, click on the network-tab, select your request and
search in the response-header for "Content-Encoding: ..."

I would write my own small php-test-script where you just output some
text. Then you're sure that not other code is doing something strange.

Another possible problem: Is the extension zlib enabled at all? The
documentation says that it's disabled by default ...


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