Hi - 

I am looking for a reliable, experienced PHP / Web developer or development 
company to assist me with one of my long-time clients. I need someone who has 
experience with all the following technologies working in a hosted environment:

Ajax / Web 2.0

In addition, I need a developer with the following attributes:

- Is based in the US, preferable with offices in the Pacific or Mountain Time 
- Does this kind of work full time
- Is able to communicate clearly and effectively
- Works well with both technical & non-technical people, and works well with 
people in general
- Can be responsive to client emergencies - NOTE: this is the MOST important 
- Has some web design experience (or has a colleague who does)
- Speaks English well

If this fits you or you know someone like this, please send an email to:

Michael Frankel
Director of Information Technology
Hoffman & Pomerantz, LLP
Email: tech.supp...@weappear.com
Office: 818-706-8877
Skype: michaelfrankel

Michael Frankel

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