On 29 Mar 2012, at 22:44, Brian Dunning wrote:

> Anyone know a way to update Google Plus via the 33669 SMS number?
> Yes, I have seen the popular how-to instructions to get the secret email 
> address by using Google Voice and forcing the error message, but I'd prefer a 
> legit non-hack way to do it. I'd even be happy to pay for an SMS gateway 
> rather than depend on the email address, which they might decide to terminate.

"With PHP" is not a magic phrase that will make anything relevant for 
discussion on this list, but it's 2:10am and I'm feeling generous.

So, to send an SMS message with PHP...

* Use PHP to access the API for a commercial SMS gateway. There's loads of 
these, Google can find them for you. Each will likely have sample PHP code (the 
one I use, Clickatell does).

* Install something like Kannel and use PHP to access its API. I dabbled with 
this a bit, but in terms of the cost of my time it was far cheaper to use a 
commercial gateway.

* Use PHP to talk directly to a mobile phone through a serial interface. Ditto 
as far as the reason why I didn't go down this route. I tried it back in the 
late 90s and it was fun, but commercially speaking it was a waste of time.

There's very little PHP involved here, and frankly Google could have given you 
these answers with very little effort on your part. Yeah, the generosity wore 
off :)*


* Smileys aren't magic either. Well, actually some are. Like the SMS you can 
send to an iPhone and it comes out looking like a whale - that's pretty magical 
and totally awesome. I think I've been staring at ColdFusion code for too long; 
I've gone all peculiar!

Stuart Dallas
3ft9 Ltd
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