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> I know there are quite a few people here who are just beginning to
> learn how to write programs as they also learn about PHP. O'Reilly has
> a deal on some pretty important books available electronically, save
> 50%. If this appeals to you, head to <
> http://shop.oreilly.com/category/deals/essential-code.do > and check
> them out.
> ( I apologize if this offends anyone's sensibilities. I am not in the
> employ of O'Reilly, nor is this going to make me any scratch. I just
> think this is a good chance to pick up some pretty useful books. )

    There was no affiliate code, so it doesn't appear as though there
was any ulterior motive.  As such, if anyone is offended, perhaps they
don't quite possess "sensibilities."  ;-P

    The link you provided will also benefit a lot who read the list
via numerous external sources, such as forums that auto-populate with
content from these lists, and the archives, which are slurped by
Google so quickly that, on occasion, I've seen posts show up in Google
before I even get the chance to read the original email.

    Great job on a thoughtful post.

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