On 02-04-2012 10:12, Simon wrote:
Thanks Simon. you got my hopes up there for a second.

 From the php docs page:

Critics further argue that it is pointless to use a Singleton in a Shared
Nothing Architecture like PHP where objects are unique>within the Request
only anyways.

I want the the singleton class to be global to the entire application (ie
shared "by reference" across all requests). I'd agree with the above
critics that if you have to instantiate your singleton for each request,
it's rather pointless.

Well, that's simply not possible due to the "shared nothing paradigm". If you want to share, you need to either share it via another medium (such as a database, as has been suggested a dozen times already) or switch to a different language. PHP is based on this paradigm, and you should not expect of it to violate it just because you want to do things a certain way, which is not the PHP way.

- Tul

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