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> Hello list,
>  I am quite sure that you've heard this question at least a few times
> before. :) But I have been dabbling a bit in PHP for years and I've
> decided that its' high time that became serious about getting a solid
> grounding in it. Currently I work as a Sysadmin and have modest but
> reliable skills in bash and perl. But I consider PHP more of an
> artform and I really need to 'pick up a brush and start painting' so
> to speak.
>  So what I was wondering what websites, and books you'd recommend to
> someone who (for all intents and purpose) is just starting out.
>  On my hit list of things to learn are basic php / database
> interaction (mysql mainly).. then how to accelerate php interraction
> through memcache.. and eventually one I have all that down onto using
> some of the NoSQLs (mongo/cassandra/membase, etc).
> Thanks!
> -tim
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    Your question is better asked (and will certainly be better
answered) on the general list at php-general@lists.php.net, Tim, and
I've CC'd the list for you.  If you haven't already, please subscribe
to that list to ensure you receive all the responses.

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