On 3 Apr 2012, at 22:29, Tedd Sperling wrote:

> Let me start a religious war -- should one end their scripts with "?>" or not?
> After years of never having a problem with ending any of my scripts with 
> "?>", I found that several students in my class had scripts that did not 
> produce the desired result even after they were given the scripts via 
> highlight_file(") to cut and paste.
> As it turned out, several students copy/pasted the script with an addition 
> whitespace after the ending "?>" and as such the scripts did not run as 
> expected. You see, the scripts created image but apparently the image 
> delivery method objected to the additional whitespace.
> Does anyone have more examples of where scripts will fail IF they end with 
> "?> " (note the additional space)?

Usually when setting headers after such a script has been included when output 
buffering is turned off. Personally I never put the closing ?> in if it's at 
the end of the file because it's unnecessary and can cause issues if it's 
present, but it's personal preference more than anything else.

Ultimately you have to consider that there's a reason it's optional - things 
like that don't generally happen by accident. I remember Rasmus commenting on 
this style issue a few years back so a search of the archives should find an 
"official" position.


Stuart Dallas
3ft9 Ltd

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