On 07-04-2012 16:37, Bogdan Ribic wrote:
This is *not* typecasting at all, this is assignment of a result of
boolean operator, and it boils down to operator precedence.

It's equivalent to this code:

$b = $x == 11;

in the part that right side of equation sign is calculated first, then
assigned to lvalue. In effect, you wrote this:

$pos = (strpos($sText, "test") !== FALSE);

You would often use something like this in code:

$isSame = $x == $y;

which would put a boolean into $isSame, not put value of $x and then
compare it.

you are reviving a thread over a week old, and repeating what 4 other people have already stated. Please don't do that, it just results in mailinglist-noise.

- Tul

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