On 4/11/2012 7:06 PM, Daevid Vincent wrote:

Can't say he doesn't have some good points, but he sure goes about it in a
dickish way.

Yes, he does have some good points and most, if not all, of those points have been discussed on this list more than once. The problem with people like this is that they choose not to contribute to solving the issues by working with the dev team and perhaps even taking a leadership role.

I really am tired of hearing how "bad" PHP is. I use it every day and I have used it for over a decade. Some things are difficult to accomplish (re: the thread where Robert helped me tremendously over the past couple of weeks). I have been tasked lately with updating and maintaining some .net and classic ASP sites and believe me when I say that bad programmers/developers make any language crap. I would love it of languages were more consistent and concise across the board! For a simple website C# is just as much overkill as anything else, not to mention that the developer tools are expensive and come with a learning curve all of their own.

Yes, there are nuances and inconsistencies. The same goes for any language you care to trot out.

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