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        I'm using a script called BlackHole that uses PHP and a "hidden"
directory to catch bad bots and block them by their IP address from the site
[http://perishablepress.com/blackhole-bad-bots/].  It's working very well,
but I'd like to expand on the idea.

        When looking at our access logs, I see someone "adding code" to our
URL's in hopes to, apparently, hack into our site.  If our URL is like this:


        they are adding to it like this:


        Is there a way that I can trap the "extra" info in the URL's and
pass it to the BlackHole script to ban these attempts as well?  I'm thinking
I'll need to compare the entered URL with $_SERVER["PHP_SELF"] and if
there's extra info, like another "*.php", after the page name, then ban the
IP.  I realize that's a rather simplistic explanation and there may be a
better way to accomplish this.

        If anyone has any examples they can share, I'd really appreciate.

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        First I would suggest you look at htaccess or web.config depending
on your flavor of OS. 
Examine the URL patterns and rewrite the URL appending to the string. This
will allow you a little more control.
I completely disagree on the blocking IP concept and this can lead to
network latency and other issues, redirecting traffic is more efficient.

I think the scare factor of products like black hole are really just that. 
Bots are not always a bad thing, when your server becomes more popular
people are interested in content so controlling the bots is key. 
IP addresses can be spoofed and if you have an auto block this could be your
undoing in the long run.



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