Hello again.
I can't figure out what is wrong here.

move_uploaded_file() get error message from die() and can't copy/move
temp_file into directory bilder

I have try to chmod 0777 bilder/ but it did not help.
Also I have try to chown www-data.www-data bilder/ since Ubuntu Server
run apache as www-data user...

Here is my souce code
// Temfil lagres midlertidig på serveren som
        // spesifisert i php.ini
        $tmp_fil = $_FILES['filbane']['temp_name'];
        // lagre filnavnet..
        $filnavn = "bilder/" . $_FILES['filbane']['name'];
        // ..og legg fila i katalogen bilder
        move_uploaded_file($tmp_fil, $filnavn) or die("Feilmelding: Kunne
ikke flytte $filnavn");


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