Hello list,

I'm trying to pass a query string through $_GET but for some reason
the array is being split on '&'. How may I avoid this so it stays

user selection portion:

while($storerow = mysql_fetch_assoc($storesresult))
echo '<h4><a href="store.php?id=' . $storerow['store_subject'] . '">'
. $storerow['store_subject'] . '</a></h4> at ' . date('m-d-Y h:i:s A',

produces url string:

http://westeng/forum/store.php?id=Wiser Communication, LLC -& - Sprague Ave

print("<pre>".print_r($_GET,true)."</pre>"); ## results below

    [id] => Wiser Communication, LLC -
    [-_Sprague_Ave] =>

How do I make it so the string isn't split into two elements in the
array? I want it to stay instact.

Thank you,


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