Rick Dwyer wrote:
This is more of a MySQL question, but I'm hoping it can be answered here.
On one of my pages, I issue a SQL command to group data as such:

$sql='select count(*) as count, searchkeywords from searchkeywords group by 
searchkeywords order by count desc'

Works well... but I would like it to groups plurals with singular words as well.  So 
"hats" are grouped with "hat".

Since I'm doing a "group by" column name, I don't know that this can be done.

Any help is appreciated.

This IS a more appropriate question for ANY of the other database lists ;)

Normal practice is to create a search field that has your preferred search style, so add 'filtered_searchwords' and populate it with say a lower case copy of searchkeywords with any "s" or "'s" text removed. That is unless you want Hat's counted separately?

Expecting the database to process this type of filtering with any speed is being a bit hopeful. What any database does is processes raw fields fast, so providing extra data at insert or edit time is much more efficient than trying to do that process on every row of data later.

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