before you get   frustrated or feel abandoned, let me *sincerely* try to help:

Here is honestly what I am utterly convinced you need to do to get any where in 
the medium/long run:

Break everything down into very small steps.  Making web apps is just building 
a whole lot of layers/collections of very small simple things.  Nothing is out 
of your grasp.. it only appears mysterious or complicated because you are not 
familiar with the terms/code structures and have not spent enough time with the 
little things to recognize them like english speakers do when reading written 
english.  So what you do to get out of the woods (and it works every time), 
regardless of the problem, is just focus on one small thing at a time.  


Throw out all the code, especially everything you borrowed from other sources.  
Write everything yourself, from scratch.  Just print "hello" to a web page.  
Then add in the ability to do ONE more thing that you need... like reading from 
a db, or writing to a db...  and then processing/manipulating things, as you 
need.  Test everything every time you add even ONE little feature.  Then as 
soon as something breaks, you know instantly where the issue lays.. and focus 
on solving why that one little thing is broken.  If re-reading the docs about 
whatever code structures you used at that point (of your newly-added broken 
feature) does not clear it up for you, then post just that ONE little issue to 
this list.. asking why that one thing is behaving that way.  Like this (using 
this tedious but effective method) , you will get your code into shape so it 
works, you will not alienate yourself from the help you need (by posting 
volumes of broken code with no evidence that you are actually trying to learn), 
and best of all - you will, step by step, come to master all this stuff!

Everyone loves to help answer/clear up one little thing, but no one has time to 
digest a whole broken page/app and tell you where all the issues are.  Even if 
they did have the time and inclination, they would lose it after the very first 
time they saw you take what they gave you and come back 3 weeks later with 
evidence that you never learned anything from the last episode.  Believe me you 
will always have people climbing over each other to help you, if you can just 
break down your problems into such small portions that you will be able to 
realize you have the smarts to answer them yourself.  ;-)   

There is a very lively, effective and popular coders community (and Q/A tool 
set) here:

..where you get almost instant help to any coding question.. because there are 
so many people who really care to give quality help, because they get 
recognized for their contributions.  But  if you try to use the tools at then you will find there, in that very professional 
atmosphere, that (to get anywhere) you HAVE to ask questions that are distilled 
down to something very specific and answerable in a specific/factual kind of 
way, as opposed to question that bring up more fuzzy-boundaried topics, like 
questions of preference or style, or questions that show an utter lack of 
homework/effort on the part of the asker which require more than a couple 
specific facts to answer.

You can train here or on, but anywhere you go, you will find 
the same situation, that you have to use baby steps (as necessary) - for your 
own learning, and to get any decent help.

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