On 20-Jul-2001 Er Galv„o Abbott wrote:
> Just a sugestion here, that may sound strange, but I'd do it like
> this:
> Why don't you keep a simle text-counter file for each user? Why this
> HAVE to go trough SQL?
> Just creat a text file with "0" on it. When the user posts, retrieve
> the number from the file, increment it and then write it back...
> This way you don't overload SQL and keep the post counter running...

Because the database is optimized for this kind of stuff ?

Once you get the db handle (and you have. you've authenticated right ?),
  "SELECT count(*) from msgposts where user_id=$foo" is likely be faster & less
load then an open/read/close.

Trying to avoid hitting the database is a good maxim, but it's not the goal.

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