> Thank you for taking the time out of you busy schedule to help me.  We have
> not been able to get 4.0.6 to work on the server.  We can compile fine, but
> when we perform a check with phpinfo (), the server reports php-4.0.4pl1.  We
> have configured PHP as a module to apache but do not know how to get apache
> to recognize the newer version.

That's a basic "you are doing something silly problem".  Delete all
instances of libphp4.so on your server.  Then in your PHP directory do a
"rm config.cache; make clean; ./configure --with...; make; make install"

If you follow these steps you will see PHP 4.0.6 (or alternatively your
server won't start at all because it is looking for libphp4.so in the
wrong place)

Unless of course you built the static module version of PHP (see if your
phpinfo() output says --with-apache or --with-apxs in the configure flags
section).  If it says --with-apxs it is a dynamic module, if it says
--with-apache it is static.  If it is static you will need to rebuild your
apache httpd binary.

> We would like to solve these memory leaks as best as possible.  We have not
> been able to duplicate the leaks on our test server which has made trouble
> shooting much harder.  It appears as though the leak is directly related to
> how much load the server has on it.  Are there any good load tools out there
> that we can use to duplicate this?  We believe the leaks are related to
> database calls.  The database is on a seperate server, and the abstraction
> layer was written in php.  Any directions you could point us in would be
> greatly appreciated.

Which database?


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