""Ashley M. Kirchner"" <ash...@pcraft.com> wrote in message 
>     Can someone point me at examples or directions on how I can pass a
> variable via a URL in the following way:
>     http://server.domain.com//script///variable/
>     I will only be passing one single /variable/.  And I want the
> /script/ to use that.
>     I don't want to see what the script is, for example I don't want it
> to say 'script.php' or 'script.html' ...
>     Is this possible through PHP only, or do I have to write a rewrite
> directive in Apache to accomplish this?

A URL has to point to a script - how will your server know what to do with 
the incoming URL if it doesn't point to something?  That said - format your 
URL as a GET string and there's your variable.



Or - if this url is coming from an already running script, you could post 
the var to a session var and then send a url without the script name and let 
your server's default document (index.php ?) receive it and look up the 
session var, but that's a pretty silly way to handle things just to hide the 

Of course, someone here with much more knowledge than I could very soon make 
me look stupid  :) 

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