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On 18 May 2012, at 14:50, Jim Giner wrote:

> Daft is a little harsh.  :)  00:40 is just not a time value that is
> generally accepted.

It may appear harsh, but as far as I'm concerned it is daft to make 
assumptions like that. You've essentially disallowed 12:nn am, but allowed 
1:nn am, 2:nn am, 3:nn am, etc, because you're not validating the data in a 
non-ambiguous way. I have no idea what you're developing, but you're making 
a big assumption about the data that you're getting, which may appear 
reasonable to you, but to me it's daft. Nothing personal, just my opinion, 
which is all I have to offer.


Stuart Dallas
3ft9 Ltd

Ok - here's the use.  This feature is the scheduling portion of my 
application.  The scheduling only pertains to basically daytime hours, 
typically 8:00am to  6:00pm.  The information is used for display purposes 
mostly - there is no "calculating" going on with the data.  Consequently, 
there is no need to be all-inclusive on my allowed times since they will 
never be used.  I just want to validate the entries  to be sure that a valid 
time has been entered for that period of a day.  Noone is going to schedule 
anything for a midnight hour, not even a time after 8:00pm.  Therefore I can 
be very specific about my editing criteria and can limit the entry of data 
that fits within that schedule. 

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