On Wed, May 23, 2012 at 10:09 AM, ma...@behnke.biz <ma...@behnke.biz> wrote:
>> my windowze dev box is completely frozen at startup now, before even
>> mounting the drive that had the slow write rate today. booted into
>> ubuntu which is still responsive, and ran disk utility to see that
>> smart status and self-check for both system drive and the other drive
>> that i noticed going slow today, is "good".
>> I wonder what's gotten my dev box ill.. Hope it aint a virus, but
>> can't start the virus scanner coz the thing is frozen... :S
> I guess that is the reason why your dev system is slow ;)
Well it's very strange. My system unfroze itself yesterday night, the
drive in question can copy a 100mb file at regular speedy speeds with
windows explorer, but writing 45mb of html to a file using (thousands
of) fwrite() calls takes about 10 minutes (bit slow to say the least).
The same fwrite()ing code on my hosted server, with nearly as much
html to write out, works comfortably fast as well.

I'm very puzzled. Would appreciate any tips to test my home system further..

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