On 22/05/2012 19:32, Ashley Sheridan wrote:
> After that, you have file permissions. In Unix, you have file, owner and
> group permissions; Windows has read/write permissions and I believe on
> newer versions you can get something similar to what Unix/Linux has had
> for the last however many years but I'm not 100% sure on that one.

Just to clarify on this point, Windows (or rather NTFS) permissions use
full ACLs and so, for each file system object, any number of users
and/or groups can have any number of allow or deny permissions assigned
to them for a range of activities (e.g. read, write, append, delete,
create, execute, traverse, read/write attributes, read/write
permissions, etc.). There's a good article here that begins to explain
it: 'Understanding Windows NTFS Permissions'

NTFS ACLs are similar to (not not identical to) Posix Access Control
Lists that are available for Linux and Unixes.


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