Hi ... I posted this in the php.windows newsgroup and got no answer ...

I'm trying to connect to Verisign Payflo Pro on my home development
machine.  The idea is that I'll do the development in a windows environment,
then upload to a Linux server.

I've loaded the PHP4 win32 binaries (4.0.6), but when I try to use the
pfpro function (which was cut and pasted from the php.net documentation), I
get the following error:

Fatal error: Call to undefined function: pfpro_init()

I've checked the PHP.net documentation and it says "These pfpro functions
are only available if PHP has been compiled with the --with-pfpro[=DIR]

Does anybody know where I can get the win32 binary compiled with that
option?  Is there a line I can add in the php.ini file?



Robert Dyke


Robert Dyke
Montana Software

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