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Thanks for your reply.

Dev-PHP is an IDE, and I don't need such tool because I'm using Eclipse, and
I'm very comfortable with.

what I really want to know is:
what is the best "pure" debugging tool which its function is to debug PHP
scripts and applications only.

Thanks in advance!

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> > Hello,
> >
> > I'm new to this list, and this is the first time ever I send a 
> > message to you.
> >
> > I'm learning PHP since a couple of months, and I really wanna be a 
> > good
> > programer, and I know that I should work hard for that.
> >
> > Now, I just wanted to know what is the best way or tool for debuging
> >
> > I have googled for this many many times, and found a lot of these 
> > stuff, but I didn't figure out which one is really the best.
> >
> > in fact, I don't care whether it's an easy way or hard way, all what 
> > I
> want
> > is to know what is the best and preferred way or tool.
> >
> > Wish you all the best!
> >

Yes many IDE's are used when debugging php because they can simulate the
environment needed for php.

Not to promote them but VSPHP is an amazing product, as a standalone or
integrated into Visual Studio 2010. I have enjoyed 
using this product for the last couple years. I am a HUGE Visual Studio
advocate, when VSPHP came along I exclusively use VS and 
notepad to develop applications in. Is this the BEST product? No clue!!

        I can develop and Debug in different versions of PHP. I can
integrate with any database, and I will (Toot the horn about) the ability to
use global variables instant insert.
Saves me time, headaches and I can search an entire project for every
instance of variable and no need to open each page. I like the color markup
and the debug options of stepping trough a segment of 
code for a real time analysis. To me it is the BEST tool on the market. I am
a .NET PHP developer who switched over from 15+ years of Linux/Unix systems.


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