On 12-05-29 07:17 AM, Stuart Dallas wrote:
I wasn't going to respond to this thread because I think it's a largely
> ridiculous topic, but some of the responses have scared me. Sir Cummings
> (hopefully) sarcastic response about using a 5px font size demonstrated
> how daft it is to base function size on how much code you can see on the
> screen at once.

Guilty as charged ;)

One time I was helping a friend of mine do his Java homework at Cornell and when he got the assignment back he scored 24 out of 25 and I was like "What?!". The marker subtracted a point for a function that spanned more than one printed page. What a dork! I guess he didn't like my brace style since if I'd used a less vertically consumptive style then it would have printed cleanly on one page *lol*.

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