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> Hi gang:
> This is a little early for Friday's "Open Comment" day, but my memory is
> increasingly more short term and by tomorrow I might forget -- so, here
> goes.
> I watched a interview today where an security expert claimed that the
> Virus was written in a scripted language named lua (http://www.lua.org/).
> He said that this was unusual because typically such viruses are written
> languages like Ruby-on-Rails and such.
> So, my question to the group -- has PHP produced any viruses? If not,
> it? If so, can anyone elaborate on the details?
Malware, Trojans and virii OH MY!!! But seriously, I think we may need to
establish a parameter here to avoid mixing of virii with other types of
non-viral malware.

Computer virus - a self-replicating program that can transmit itself from
computer to computer. 
Other non-viral Malware - spyware, Trojans basically and program written
with malicious intent that does not self-replicate. 

Or are we talking about malware in general?

Marc Hall
I'm broke so can I borrow 2 cents from Tedd?

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