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Hey guys,

Haven't posted in a long time...  Happy Memorial Day!  I have an issue
with exception handling.  I'm using a framework that throws a
"Database_Exception" object.  I was expecting catch (Exception $var) to
be sufficient to catch this, but it doesn't.  I have to do catch
(Database_Exception $var) to make it work.  I've been reading that
Exception should be sufficient, since every exception object is a child
class of Exception.  Did this perhaps change in 5.4?  I think it was
working properly in 5.3, but I'm not sure.

Any clarification would be greatly appreciated!



Hi James,

You would have to catch Database_Exception. It is also good practice to
also always catch exception afterwards.


Class Database_Exception extends Exception{
        Public function __construct($message){

        $pdo = new PDO();
        If($pdo === false){
                Throw new Database_Exception("Failed To Connect");
Catch(Database_Exception $e){
        Echo $e->getMessage();
Catch(Exception $e){
        Echo $e->getMessage();

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