This is a bit of a shameless plug, but it is a Friday and a pretty
special weekend over here.

I recently got to work on something a bit fun at work in my spare time
and they liked it so much that it got used internally to celebrate the
jubilee weekend.

This is the result 

For those of you interested, the leg-work is done by a bunch of PHP
scripts run in the background via cron, split into 3 tasks:

     1. A script goes out and searches Twitter for tweets that mention
        the jubilee, one instance per keyword and records those to a DB
        to limit the draw on the Twitter API
     2. A second script goes over those tweets and pulls in all the
        non-default profile images for each unique user
     3. Lastly, the image is built as 12 separate tiles every half hour,
        using PHP and GD to match the average colour of each profile pic
        to a spot on the image, and then these are stitched together for
        the final image

Anyway, hope you guys all have a great weekend, more so if you're
unlucky enough to be working over the whole 4 days :-/


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