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>On Fri, Jun 1, 2012 at 8:32 PM, Don Wieland <> wrote:
>> Hi all,
>> I built a system in PHP/mySQL where a group of users post events,
>> for events, change their arrival times, remove thier names from
>events, and
>> post related notes on the events. Each time an action is done, an
>email is
>> generated to the entire group that their has been a change. Pretty
>> stuff...
>> Today I just got an Mail Delivery System email with this error:
>> Domain has exceeded the max emails per hour (350/350
>> allowed.  Message will be reattempted later
>> I contacted my VPS provider and they just alerted me that there is a
>> on how many emails my server can send per hour.
>> They recommended I find a 3rd party service provider with support PHP
>> connections.
>> My budget is limited. Does anyone have any suggestions of companies
>> might work for my scenario?
>> Any feedback is appreciated ;-)
>> Don
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>Amazon has an email service you can plug in to with php
>Cat, the other other white meat
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Rather than send an email to the group right away, could you not store up 
messages and send them out with more than one change in? So if person A creates 
an event, and person B and C sign to attend, your system would hold on and post 
all 3 messages in the same email.

Facebook has a similar system to reduce the number of emails it sends. I tell 
you, its appreciated by the recipients too more often than not!


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