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>> There is a point: if you are unfamiliar with code, wading through
>> screens and screens of a function to find things like block
>> beginning/ends makes for difficult time finding places where changes
>> need to be made.
> I *never* have huge numbers of lines between a block beginning and end. Even
> if I did my IDE can quickly find the other end of the block for me.

E.g. TextWrangler does this easily enough: just double-click immediately after 
an opening brace, and everything is highlighted to the closing brace.

>>> - all those functions should be arranged in alphabetical order within
>>> their containing file - having them in a random sequence makes it
>>> difficult to find the one you want.
>> Also correct; this is a key point in making sure your scripts are
>> maintainable.
> Ah-ha! So someone agrees with me on that point after all.


>>> - when browsing through the code you have to keep jumping to another
>>> function, and then returning to where you came from.
>>> I don't know about you, but I would rather use the scroll wheel on my
>>> mouse
>>> than keep jumping from one position in the file to another.
>> May I suggest an editor/IDE that lets you navigate to functions directly,
>> then?
> I am *NOT* going to change my IDE just to suit *YOUR* preferences.

TW provided a popup list of your functions. It still helps to have them in 
alpha order though, for ease of navigation in the popup list.

[snip arguments]

I write functions to do specific things. E.g. I have a function (actually in 
JavaScript) called switchTab() which switches from one user view to another. 
It's just over 200 lines long and is mostly a giant case statement - and it's 
already loaded with function calls. I suppose I could break it up into five 
separate functions, more or less one for each case value, but then I'd have 
lots of unimportant local variables to pass around as argument values, and, 
what's worse, lots of unimportant functions cluttering the place up.

Cheers  --  Tim

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